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About Us

Coala Life is a medical technology company founded in Sweden. The company develops unique innovations that enable long-term monitoring and remote diagnostics of heart and lungs. The products offer healthcare providers diagnostic support through reliable data and information and possibility to follow patient’s in their everyday life.

Our main solution is the Coala Heart Monitor, an FDA- and CE-cleared product platform that enables long-term monitoring, analysis and algorithm-based diagnostics of heart and lungs. The Coala is easy to prescribe and use by the patient in everyday life – as long as there is a medical need. The Coala automatically detects 9 different arrhythmias, based on algorithms developed and validated in Sweden.

The Coala is mainly marketed towards caregivers who prescribes product and service to patient for cardiac monitoring in everyday life, without the need for physical visit a care unit. A consumer solution is marketed in Sweden mainly for the purpose of improving the offer vis-à-vis healthcare by generating data that can further improve algorithms, usability, and functionality.

The US is our main focus market where our system is reimbursed by all insurance companies as 30-day Event Monitor and and an important part of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs.

Our vision is to help win the battle against the world’s leading cause of death – heart disease. The company’s contribution is to develop innovative digital products and solutions that give patients the opportunity to be able to follow and analyze their hearts themselves, driven by smart algorithms with real-time analysis. Coala Life’s innovations put the patient at the center, are user-friendly and can be used as long as there is a clinical need.

Our innovations are based on many years of Swedish research and development protected by some 30 patents. More than 10,000 patients has used, been diagnosed or are under long term monitoring with Coala Heart Monitor to date. The Coala Care platform has over 1,700 doctors and nurses connected and more than 500 healthcare providers.

Since November 2021, Coala Life is publicly traded on Nasdaq First North Stockholm (Nasdaq: COALA.ST). Coala Life was listed on through a reverse acquisition of RNB Retail and Brands that was previously listed on Nasdaq Main Market. Just over SEK 400 million has been invested in the company. The head office is based in Uppsala, where research and development also takes place. Manufacturing takes place through partners in Finland and Estonia.