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Our Vision, Strategy and Goals

We will contribute to win the battle against the leading cause of death globally – heart disease.

Our vision is to be a part of the battle against heart disease. We will make this possible by developing innovative digital products and solutions that give patients the opportunity to monitor and analyze their heart rhythms themselves using smart algorithms and real-time analysis. Our innovations focus on the patient, are user-friendly and must be able to be used and prescribed as long as there is a medical need.

Our goal is to generate data that, with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), makes it possible to predict heart and lung diseases and thereby avoiding the course of certain diseases.

Our business concept is to develop and market solutions for patients and care providers that enable remote monitoring in everyday life. The medical technology solutions will create opportunities to improve the diagnosis of mainly heart and lung diseases, and contribute to reduce waiting times and costs in healthcare.

Financial goals

Coala Life’s financial goals are to achieve sales of SEK 250 million in 2024 through strong organic growth with a positive operating profit. The majority of revenues are expected to be generated in the US market and growth will take place while maintaining a gross margin of over 80 percent.

Strategic goals

Coala Life’s strategic goal is to improve the quality of life and the clinical outcome for millions of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. This is made possible by offering patients and healthcare solutions for non-invasive and patient-centered predictive diagnostics.

Coala Heart Monitor was originally developed since the measuring equipment used by healthcare often required physical visits, did not provide immediate feedback to patients and caregivers, and many existing solutions often led to longer waiting times.

Coala Life’s main strategic and operational objectives are to:

  1. To be a market-leading platform provider of non-invasive long-term monitoring and diagnosis of heart and lung patients in everyday life.
  2. Offer markets where the Company is established products and services that are covered by local insurance systems and thus can be made available at no cost to the patient.
  3. Deliver patient-centered and user-friendly products, which leads to a high degree of utilization / compliance and thereby increases the probability of a positive clinical outcome.
Vision, strategi och målsättningar