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Coala Heart Monitor as part of digital venture in remote patient monitoring

Stockholm Regional Council will be starting an effort to investigate digital devices in remote patient monitoring this year. Coala Life is one of three partners selected to participate in this pilot project. Around 50 of the patients included in the study have heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, and are monitored digitally from their homes. The project is coordinated by Karolinska University Hospital but is also carried out at several other hospitals in the region.
The pilot includes patients with different chronic conditions with an increased risk of relapse. The goal is to be able to detect deterioration in these patients through regular follow-up via remote monitoring and if needed, introduce measures to stabilize their condition. This is to reduce the risk of deterioration and readmission. The hope is to create individualized care plans and consequently get a better opportunity to prioritize patients with worsened conditions to revisit the clinic.
Multiple patients in this study use the Coala Heart Monitor to perform ECG measurements. The measurements are transferred automatically to the hospital through a mobile app. Each patient receives daily digital reminders of which measurements to perform. The hospital also communicates with the patient remotely. In case of deteriorating values, the care team at the hospital can give feedback to the patient remotely or schedule the patient for a visit at the clinic.
There are already several examples of pilot projects in the Swedish care system with successful results when implementing remote monitoring. Results indicate a more knowledge-driven and patient-focused healthcare. There are also assessments showing health economic advantages with the implementation of remote monitoring in the Swedish care system. Additionally, we have internationally seen an increase in remote monitoring implementation with positive results.
“We are very excited to see our unique Coala Heart Monitor as a part of this kind of project. This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the benefits of remote monitoring. Something we have already shown through our services for remote monitoring offered in the US.
This shows us that Coala’s solutions for remote monitoring can be a part of the future of Swedish healthcare and become an important part of the puzzle in reducing the workload on healthcare staff and contributing to a more patient-centered healthcare”, says Dan Pitulia, CEO, Coala Life AB