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Information from AGM of RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS

On Thursday, December 18, 2014, RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the company's premises at Regeringsgatan 29 in Stockholm under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board Laszlo Kriss.

Adoption of income statement and balance sheet and resolution concerning discharge from liability

The AGM adopted the income statement and balance sheet for the Parent company and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet for the fiscal year that extended from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014. The AGM discharges the members of the Board and the President from personal liability for the 2013/2014 financial year.


The AGM resolved in accordance with the Board's motion that no dividend be paid for the 2013/2014 fiscal year.

Determination of the number of directors and the number of auditors and deputy auditors

The AGM approved the Nomination Committee's proposal that the Board shall consist of six Board members and that the number of auditors shall be one without deputy auditors.

Election of Board members

The AGM voted to re-elect Board members Laszlo Kriss, Ann-Sofie Danielsson, Ivar Fransson, Per Thunell, Michael Lemner and Monika Elling to the Board. Laszlo Kriss was elected Chairman of the Board.

Fees to Board members and auditors

The AGM adopted the Nomination Committee's proposal that total directors fees of SEK 1 275 000 be paid, whereby each Board member who is not employed by the company will receive SEK
160 000. SEK 350 000 will be paid to the Chairman of the Board. A special fee of SEK 75 000 is to be paid to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and SEK 25 000 to the other 2 members of the Audit Committee. Otherwise, no fees are to be paid for committee work. Fees to auditors are paid on a current account basis as invoices are received.

Appointment of auditors

The AGM adopted the Nomination committee's proposal to re-elect Ernst & Young for the period extending until the close of the AGM for 2014/2015 fiscal year. As auditor in charge the auditing company has appointed Johan Eklund.