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Information from extra general meeting of RNB Retail and Brands

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, RNB Retail and Brands AB (the “Company”) held an extra General Meeting (EGM) under the chairmanship of lawyer Johan Wigh.

With the support of Sections 20 and 22 of the Act (2020: 198) on temporary exemptions to facilitate the conduct of company general and association general meetings, the EGM was conducted without the presence of shareholders, agents and third parties who are not shareholders. Prior to the meeting, the shareholders had exercised their voting rights by post.

Change of the Company's financial year and related amendment of the Articles of Association

The EGM resolved to change the Company's financial year into a calendar year and that the current financial year 2020/21 is extended to cover a period of 16 months, ie until 31 December 2021.

The EGM resolved to amend § 13 of the Company's Articles of Association to "The Company's financial year shall be 1 January – 31 December.”.

Adjustment of remuneration to the Board members

The EGM resolved to adjust the remuneration of the Board members in accordance with the presented proposal. The change does not mean an increase in the fee on an annual basis, but only takes place because the extended financial year entails an extended term of office until and including the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

All resolutions of the extra General Meeting were taken by the required majority.