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Products and services meeting a global medical need

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death today and even more live with other chronic diseases.

Coala Life aims to radically improve the quality of life and the clinical outcome for the millions of patients suffering from cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.

Rapid growth through leading platform and technical solutions

More than half of the grown population in the USA suffer from one or more chronic conditions. Coala Life, through its subsidiary QorumPartners, perform remote patient monitoring (RPM) off patients with chronic diseases and the number of patients is growing rapidly.

The solutions for Coala Heart Monitor are based on extensive Swedish research, uniquely accurate algorithms and around 30 patents. The Coala system is CE and FDA approved. The Coala Life platform is developed continuously to be able to handle data from more medical devices other than the Coala Heart Monitor.

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Improves patient quality of life and care efficiency

Studies show that distance monitoring of chronically ill patients through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) leads to improved care and reduced costs.

Studies also show that patients who used the Coala reduced their symptoms of palpitations and also reported increased quality of life and high satisfaction. Caregivers report that Coala leads to higher care efficiency and may reduce queues in care.

Approved and reimbursed in the USA
More than half of all adult Americans, around 135 million, suffer from a chronic disease. Many of these patients are entitled to RPM solutions prescribed by their doctor and fully reimbursed by all US insurance companies.
A team that knows how to succeed
The team behind Coala has built global medical technology companies and several have backgrounds from companies such as Abbott and Boston Scientific. The head office is located in Uppsala, and the company's main focus is on expansion in the US through its own sales force.