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As resolved by the Extraordinary General Meeting in RNB Retail and Brands AB (publ) (”RNB”) on 27 March 2013, a reverse share spilt will be conducted where 200 existing shares are consolidated into one. The board of directors of RNB has set the record date to 10 June 2013.

The last day of trading in RNB’s shares on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm before the reverse share split is 4 June 2013. The first day for trading in RNB’s shares after the reverse share split is 5 June, 2013, which implies that the share price from and including 5 June 2013 will reflect the effect of the reverse share split. Please also note that from this date the RNB’s share will be traded with a new ISIN code SE0005223674

A reverse share split 200:1 implies that 200 shares, each share with a quota value of SEK 0.03 will be consolidated into one share with a quota value of SEK 6. Following the reverse share split, the total number of shares will be reduced from 6,782,435,200 shares to 33,912,176 shares.

Shareholders in RNB will automatically receive a new, lower number of shares in proportion to their holdings on the record date. For shareholders whose shares on the record date, after the reverse share split, do not correspond to a full number of new shares (ie. not evenly divisible by 200), RNB will at the company’s expense arrange that the excess shares are sold through Carnegie Investment Bank AB. The aggregated proceeds of the sale will be distributed among the shareholders who owned the excess shares on the record date, in relation to their share in the shares sold. This will occur by way of cash payment around 18 June 2013 and through Euroclear Sweden AB.

Timetable for the reverse share split

4 June 2013 Last day of trading before the reverse share split.
5 June 2013 First day of trading after the reverse share split. New ISIN code.
10 June 2013 Record date for the reverse share split.
18 June 2013 Payment of proceeds from the sale of excess shares.