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RNB Retail and Brands sets the record date for the aggregation of shares

At today's Extraordinary General Meeting of RNB Retail and Brands AB (“RNB” or “the Company”), it was decided to merge the Company's shares, whereby the number of shares in the Company is reduced by adding 50 shares to one share. The Extraordinary General Meeting authorized the Board to determine the record date for the merger. The board of RNB has now decided that the record date for the merger will be 5 November 2021.

The last day for trading in the Company's shares before the merger is November 3, 2021 and the first day for trading after the merger is November 4, 2021. The new number of shares will be booked out of Euroclear Sweden AB's system on November 8, 2021.

The aggregation of the Company's shares takes place automatically via Euroclear Sweden AB and shareholders do not need to take any action. If a shareholder's holding of shares does not correspond to a full number of new shares, ie. is not evenly divisible by 50, excess shares will be transferred in the Company's ownership as of the record date for the aggregation. Excess shares will then be sold by a securities institution hired by the Company, whereby eligible shareholders will thereafter receive their share of the sales proceeds.

The completion of the merger will reduce the number of shares in the Company from 101,736,550 to 2,034,731.