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Our Technology

Our innovations are based on over 10 years of research and development. As a result we have a product portfolio with a system for individuals and patients in everyday life, with real-time connection to healthcare providers. The system – Coala Heart Monitor – has integrated ECG that automatically detects some of the most common cardiac arrhythmias with high resolution and accuracy. Coala can also be used to listen / auscultate the heart and lungs remotely with its built-in stethoscope. By correlating data from the ECG synchronised with heart sounds, the algorithms in the Coala system can also help caregivers find heart murmurs.

The Coala Heart Monitor consists of a number of different components. The Coala monitor connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the patient’s smartphone. The patient downloads the Coala App, which then instructs the patient during measurements. After the measurement is completed, data is analysed in Coala Cloud, which then presents the results within a few seconds to the patient in the Coala App and to the connected care provider in the web-based Coala Care Portal. The Coala is easy for the patient to use in everyday life and automatically detects 9 different arrhythmias, based on algorithms developed and validated in Sweden.

Healthcare, patients and individuals use the Coala Heart Monitor in different ways depending on the intended purpose. Caregivers prescribe The Coala from the Coala Care Portal and follow their patients through the cloud based platform. Data are made available to investigate and diagnose symptomatic and intermittent arrhythmias. In the portal, caregivers can also listen to recorded heart and lung sounds remotely, follow the patient’s reported weight and blood pressure values, and generate summary reports as a basis for therapy and financial compensation.

The duration of the investigation and use of Coala Heart Monitor is prescribed by the treating physician and usually extends from two weeks to over a year or as long as there is a medical need to follow the patient remotely. Each device is configured as needed; as an ECG, stethoscope or a combination product. The system does not have the limitations that Holter or patch-based ECG has that require adhesive electrodes and therefore limited usage time.

The technology is protected by about 30 patents and the company consider Coala Heart Monitor to currently be the only integrated smartphone-based system that automatically detects the most common arrhythmias and finds atrial fibrillation based on analysis of both P-wave and RR variability from ECG measurements, fully in line with clinical guidelines for the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. The built-in piezoelectric stethoscope is world-unique and provides the possibility for auscultation with high precision.

In 2019 the Coala was FDA cleared for detection of atrial fibrillation and in 2022 also cleared for auscultation and monitoring of patients’ lungs remotely. The new FDA clearance also includes an improved analysis algorithm for automatic atrial fibrillation detection based on a combination of RR variability and P-wave detection.

Software and hardware for remote monitoring

Coala uses a cloud-based service that makes it easy to track large patient volumes remotely. No time or use restrictions.

Patient-centered solution

The patient becomes engaged with a user-friendly solution that provides results immediately. The solution is covered by insurances
in the USA.

Market-leading technology

Two-lead ECG with high resolution and p-wave detection, which leads to higher accuracy. Integrated digital stethoscope with high sensitivity and five different cloud-based sound filters.