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Bulletin from annual general meeting in Coala-Life Group AB (publ) on 16 May 2023

Coala-Life Group AB (publ) (the “Company” or “Coala-Life”) has held an annual general meeting on 16 May 2023. Below follows a summary of the decisions taken by the annual general meeting (all in accordance with the proposals presented in the notice to attend the meeting kept available at the Company’s website

The annual general meeting resolved:

  • to adopt the profit and loss statement and balance sheet as well as the consolidated profit and loss statement and consolidated balance sheet for the previous financial year included in the annual report;
  • that the Company’s accumulated results shall be carried forward in new account and that no dividend shall be paid for the previous financial year;
  • to grant the board members and the managing director discharge from liability for the management of the previous financial year;
  • that the board of directors shall consist of five ordinary members without deputy members, to re-elect Per Carendi (also re-elected as chairman), Christian Jørgensen, Peter Troija and Per Lindeberg as board members and to elect Emma Strömfelt as new board member;
  • that a registered accounting firm is elected as auditor and to re-elect Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB, with Leonard Daun as auditor-in-charge;
  • that fees payable to the board members until the end of the next annual general meeting shall amount to a total of SEK 1,200,000 out of which SEK 400,000 shall be paid to the chairman and SEK 200,000 to each of the other board members; and
  • that fees payable to the auditor is to be paid in accordance with approved invoices.