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Coala Life have now signed agreements on extended service for 90% of connected patients

Coala Life announces today that the company has renegotiated agreements that includes an additional approximately 20%, 700 patients, regarding the company’s extended service for Managed RPM in USA. Coala Life announced on December 13, 2022 that the extended service means that the revenue per patient where the service is extended will increase by approximately 50%.

The company has now connected approximately 90% of the patients to the extended service and this is in line with the plan to have all patients connected to the extended service during Q1. The extended service includes more extensive analysis and reporting. Even including a certain strengthening of the company's qualified workforce, the increase in revenue is expected to lead to increased net margins. The extended service is basically based on the same agreement as before but with a revised and extended price list.

“Today we have approximately 90% of the patients connected to the extended service and we will have all patients connected within the next week. This means that from April the extended service will be applied to all patients. As shown in our monthly reporting of KPI’s, we have already seen an increase in revenue per patient and this figure is expected to increase gradually over the next few months”, says Dan Pitulia, CEO of Coala Life Group.