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Coala Life signs an agreement for financing of trade receivables in USA up to 4 million US dollars

Coala Life has today signed an agreement on financing accounts receivables in USA to strengthen the company’s working capital. The agreement, which cover factoring, has been signed with Sweden-based Aros Kapital.

The rapid turnover growth in Coala Life means that the working capital that is tied up in accounts receivable is continuously growing strongly. In order to ensure financial sustainability in the event of continued strong growth, the company has signed a factoring agreement that enables the company to receive faster payment for all accounts receivable. The agreement has been concluded on market terms.

” The very strong growth coupled with long payment terms builds large accounts receivable which can now be converted into liquid funds directly. The capital volume of up to 4 MUSD gives us a liquidity guarantee that ensures continued expansion att full speed” says Dan Pitulia, CEO of Coala Life.