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US RPM Market expected to exceed $18 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 25%, according to Medi-Tech Insight.

According to a newly released report from global healthcare consulting firm Medi-Tech Insight, the US remote patient monitoring (RPM) market will grow in a faster pace than previously anticipated. It is expected to be over $18 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 25%, according to the report.

“We are encouraged by the growth forecast which confirms our strategy in the US RPM market. It corresponds to our own analysis based on the interest we meet from US clinics. We note in the report that having eyes and ears on the patients 24/7 is a prohibitive burden for providers, which is why our clinical team assesses vital signs 24/7 and triages as per the providers’ standing orders,” says Dan Pitulia, CEO of Coala Life Group.

According to the Medi-Tech Insight report: “The RPM market is expected to gain further momentum in the upcoming years due to growing investments in RPM & Telehealth, growing focus on post-acute care, advantages of RPM such as the reduced risk of disease transmission, faster access to patient data, improved patient health outcomes, freeing up of limited resources to address most serious cases & cost savings, entry of new players in the remote patient monitoring market, technological advancements, growing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in remote patient monitoring market and a growing geriatric population.”

The report can be obtained by Medi_Tech Insight: