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Coala Life postpones the publication of year-end report for 2023

The Board of Directors of Coala-Life Group AB ("Coala Life" or the "Company") has decided to further postpone the publication-date of the year-end report for 2023 to March 26, 2024 (previously communicated postponed date was March 8, 2024). This further postponement is caused by the additional work with consolidating the part of the group's receivables that previously was handled through the terminated factoring solution that existed with Aros Kapital. The original date for the publication of the year-end report was February 23, 2024.

It is sad to have to postpone this further, but we prioritize providing an accurate report rather than providing figures that may need to be corrected afterwards. As previously announced, the work to secure the liquidity situation has been prioritized, and the work with the consolidation of the receivables has taken longer than expected for a lean organization” says Coala Life’s CEO Dan Pitulia.